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Round Engine Aero was founded in 1996. We have a passion for keeping them flying. Our mission is to find the parts and get them to mechanics, pilots, and restorers. We do it in a way that makes it affordable for everyone. We believe in being a part of aviation history by helping preserve it one piece at a time. We only part out an aircraft if it truly cannot be saved. If we do not have it, we will guide you to who does.


Amazing place full of parts you can find almost anything you need.

Zackary S

Gino and his family were a pleasure to meet at OSH.
Gino really helped out the Beechcraft Heritage Museum with a good deal on an period set of hard to find tires for the Museum’s 1942 AT-11.
Thank you Gino and Round Engine Aero!

John H

My local mechanic in Hawaii checked every source he knew of for a replacement wing spar and found nothing. Round Engine Aero came to the rescue and found us one, in good condition, for a very reasonable price. After all the work they did drilling the part out, building a crate to ship it across the Pacific Ocean to us and all, they even allowed us to pay for it after receiving and inspecting it. Few would extend that kind of trust. But to Round Engine Aero, being an aircraft owner in need is good enough. That is dedication.

Claudio F

Gino was Super generous in providing an oil sump to the Air zoo yesterday for the SBD-2 WWII Dive Bomber engine we are restoring for the US Navy. The Air Zoo in Portage MI has the honor of restoring this special aircraft the Naval museum in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Thank you Gino!!! Our country thanks you as well!!

Terri M

Round Engine Aero is so helpful and dedicated to aviation!

Dar K

These guys are out of this world (not aliens) with contacts and parts you wouldn’t believe!!

John B