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Lot consists of

2 Cylinders

2 Pistons




Rocker cover

fuel pump mounting

fuel injector

exhaust manifold

intake manifold

cen drive housing mtg

13-YH65 (unreadable)

oil fitting

fuel supply pump mtg

automatic cuno oil filter

accessory case inspection plate mtg

fuel pump body

fuel pump check valve body

13-Y-113R oil pump cover ? plug

governor mounting 14-y-468

Scav flange mtg

Push rod oil seal (?)

Oil sump screen





Fuel injector line assy

Sub assy fuel pressure reg line

Intake manifold elbow hose

Inter Rocker box drain line upper hose

Inter Rocker box drain line lower hose

Inter Rocker box side outlet elbow hose

Inter cylinder Rocker box drain 45⁰ elbow hose

Scavenger line hose

14-y-197c drain line

Inter cylinder Rocker box drain elbow hose




Fuel injector line

9/16 to 5/8

1 1/2 to 2 5/8

1 1/8 to 1 3/4



Hardware (most have multiples in the package):

Starter support ring clamp bolt

Int. Man. Steady rest clamp mounting bolt

Starter support tie rod mounting bolt

5/16 brass hex nuts

Lockwasher 5/16

Nut 1/2-40 Castel

Palnut 3/8-24

7/16 capscrews generator mtg

Palnut 7/16-20

3/8-24 nut



Various parts:

Piston ring,

Outer valve spring

inner valve spring

union fuel pump,

fuel pump check valve,

rocker sub assy,

Rocker exhaust sub Assy

fuel injector nipple,

ufuel injector assembly,

sub assy fuel pump valve

pump injection assembly

14-Y-153D oil pressure ? valve cover

Safety disc

(Unreadable) Rocker adjustment

Grmmet 1/4 ball & socket joint



Some items may have spelling that is incorrect, that is how they are stamped on the package. If a part number is shown, that means the name was partially or entirely unreadable on the tag.


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